Time to Review and Update Your Employment Policies

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If you haven’t updated your employment policies at least five times in the past 12 months, it is probably out of date. With 2024 around the corner, it’s time to review and update your employee handbook, if you haven’t already done so, to ensure it is legally compliant and reflects the latest developments affecting HR and employment.

Several significant legal changes have happened in recent years, especially on the state and local levels, that have or will have a substantial impact on workplace policies. An updated handbook is critical for communicating workplace policies on employee conduct and performance. It can also serve as evidence and may minimize employer liability in case of a lawsuit.

We will look at common mistakes made in policy manuals, new and essential policies your manual should include, and NOT include, policy changes for 2023-24, preparing multi-state policy manuals, and proper language to use to keep you out of trouble. This practical webinar will also discuss best practices for writing policies, procedures, and supporting documentation to help you develop logical and easy-to-understand documents. We will also explore tips for writing proper policies and traps to be avoided in your policy manuals and for assuring that organization-wide policies and practices are uniformly enforced.

Download the PDFs used in this webinar by clicking on each link:

New CA Employment Laws 2024.pdf

Employment Policy 2023-24 Updates - PPT.pdf

Checklist of 2023 State Policy Changes.pdf

NLRB - New Standard for Assessing Lawfulness of Work Rules.pdf

New Employment Policy Memo of Acknowledgement SAMPLE.pdf