Can an insurance broker really improve your bottom line?

We can.

Poms brings a new approach to business and personal insurance – one that makes sure you're not just protected against liability, but proactively shielded from risk. We leverage decades of experience and expertise to help you avoid expensive claims, and if those claims do occur, we're prepared to mitigate them. At Poms, we believe knowledge is the best insurance. We believe proactive risk management is a smarter way to insure.

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Less Risk: Risk control reduces your exposure to loss.

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Less Loss: Risk prevention leads to loss reduction.

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Less Cost: Risk control and prevention ensure an increased return on your insurance investment.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of insurance.

Imagine an insurance broker that would rather prevent accidents than cover them. Does that sound different than what you're used to? That's the Poms difference – a commitment to reducing risk, sharing knowledge and proactively serving our customers.

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Our customers trust poms to keep them sheltered from risk.

“Working with Poms has been an awesome experience. They have saved me and my employer time and money with their prompt response, strategic marketing of our needs to plan providers, ease of transition to new providers and excellent customer service.”

Sherri Paniagua
Human Resources Manager,
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, Calabasas, CA