The New FLSA Exemption Rules: Properly Classifying Workers Under the Fair Labor Standards Act

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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued its Final Rule to increase the minimum salary requirements for the “white collar” exemptions (executive, administrative, and professional) from minimum wage and overtime pay requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The Final Rule sharply increases the minimum salary level for the white-collar exemption to apply. The increase will take effect in two stages over six months.

These numbers are higher than what the DOL previewed in its August 2023 proposed rule. And they represent a significant jump from the current $35,568 salary level for executive, administrative, and professional employees, and the $107,432 minimum compensation level for highly compensated employees.

Join us, as we explore these upcoming changes, which will have substantial implications and impacts across industries and command employers’ attention. Employers need to be prepared so you will be able to properly classify employees as exempt or nonexempt, under the new FLSA overtime Rule.

This webinar will also go through in-depth the proper way to classify your employees as exempt vs. non-exempt based on the current FLSA regulations. We will show you how to ensure compliance with current FLSA overtime rules, including the current and new FLSA regulations, and explain the changes that employers need to understand and comply with. We will also review various state laws that go beyond the FLSA exemption tests, so you can properly classify your employees working in those states.

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GUIDANCE - When Deductions Can Be Made from FLSA Exempt Employees.pdf

LEGAL UPDATE - 2024 FLSA Exemption Rule.pdf

FLSA Record keeping Interactive Checklist.pdf

Independent Contractor Rule Fact Sheet (DOL).pdf

IRS Independent Contractor Test.pdf

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