Ergonomics: One of the Keys to a Successful Special Education Program

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Inclusive education environments must prioritize the physical safety and well-being of students and educators alike. That’s where a quality ergonomics program can help. Join the Poms & Associates Risk Control Team for our next webinar, where we will explore the vital role of ergonomics in Special Education programs and discuss best practices for establishing and implementing those healthy practices.  Key highlights:

  • Understanding the importance of ergonomics in Special Education
  • Best practice for incorporating ergonomics in your SPED Program
  • Creating a Culture of Ergonomic Awareness to avoid safety risks and potential injury claims

Click on each of the following links to download all the PDFs used in this webinar:

Ergonomics and SPED PPT Handout.pdf

Teacher Ergonomics.pdf

Backpack Safe Use.pdf

Ergonomically Correct Workstation.pdf

Home Workstation Ergonomics.pdf

Ergo Power Zone.pdf