Real-World Experience & Comprehensive Solutions

Security is a critical and often overlooked aspect of creating the safe working environment organizations need to thrive. By thoroughly analyzing vulnerabilities, Poms & Associates will help you create an effective security program that protects your employees, customers, and assets from both expected and unexpected risk. Our security consultants use an integrated approach that encompasses your physical environment, the human element, and the role of technology. Depending on your organization's needs and exposures, there are a variety of considerations for a comprehensive security program:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Cyber Security
  • Situational Awareness
  • Physical Site Security

A proactive approach to security not only gives you peace of mind, but also acts as a cost-saving measure for your business insurance premiums.

Active Shooter eBook

Today, the threat of an active shooter in the workplace is higher than ever. No organization is immune to violence, but with Poms & Associates expertise, you can ensure your organization is prepared and protected from risk. We believe knowledge is the best insurance, and in keeping with that belief, we created Active Shooter Events in the Workplace: Preparation & Response. This e-book is free to download and succinctly covers four steps your organization can take to prepare and respond to such an event. Download Active Shooter events in the Workplace.