In the world of public entities, it's good to have a friend

We've worked with public entities since our founding, and we have a first-hand understanding of the impact of new and growing pressures on the industry. As brokers, advisers and educators, our role is to relieve those pressures, and we've done that successfully for years.

Since 1991, we've responded to a growing need within the public sector for creative problem solvers and outside-the-box thinkers. Whether we're evaluating existing insurance programs or recommending a new strategy for cost containment, our unmatched experience, proprietary tools and innovative risk management solutions enable our clients to stay ahead of the fast-evolving risk curve.

The Best Broker Is Also An Educator

The world of risk management is more turbulent than ever - especially in the public entities space. For managers faced with myriad difficult decisions, options can be overwhelming.

We empower you to better assess your organization's insurance needs, liabilities and options. When you work with Poms, you get more than a broker. We're educators, at our core.

We know that risk management begins not with underwriting, but with understanding. We base our services on a complete understanding of your needs as a public entity - an understanding that empowers us to leverage our own experience, best practices and expertise. We are an independent broker with no allegiances to specific programs or products; we're only committed to the best interests of our clients.

Our services can be as basic as comparing costs for existing coverage, or as involved as evaluating risk and financing for every exposure your organization faces. Whether we're your sole resource or a complement to your existing capabilities, we're equipped to provide you with the most powerful tool any administrator can have: knowledge.

We've built our business on building trust

Our relationships with clients are built on trust. Trust is fundamental to every successful relationship - and at Poms, we will never do anything to violate it. For years, we've worked shoulder to shoulder with our clients, proving to countless public entities that we understand their word and its special difficulties.

We'd welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

Unique services for unique entities

We offer a range of services designed to streamline and simplify your work - making it efficient, easy and effective. Here are a few examples:

Risk Control Services

A comprehensive approach to risk control is critical to effective risk management. Our highly qualified and experienced risk control consultants can work with your team to develop a variety of solutions to manage risks. Implementing proactive risk control measures is an effective way to reduce the likelihood of a claim - and no risk control services are more impactful than Poms, helping clients reduce the frequency and severity of insurance claims for more than 30 years.