Most brokers will provide you with competitive rates. At Poms, that's just the beginning. At the core of our commercial insurance brokerage operation is a uniquely talented and experienced team of workers' compensation professionals, dedicated to providing every client with innovative solutions to their workers' compensation needs. We not only provide consultative advice on risk management issues; we also deliver real-world solutions to your workers' compensation needs and costs.

Here are a few of our workers' compensation services and resources:

Dedicated Workers' Compensation Specialists

We understand you need more than insurance generalists to help you navigate a complex workers' compensation environment. Our dedicated team of workers' compensation specialists and certified adjusters are trained and experienced in loss control, claims management and underwriting. They are prepared to assist you with your most complex workers' compensation issues.

Experience Modifier Analysis

Understanding your experience modifier and how to control it is essential in managing your workers' compensation costs. After analyzing your experience modifier and associated claim details, we will help you develop a plan of action, equipped to maintain the health of your experience modifier in the future.

Claims Management

Good claims management is critical for an employee's speedy recovery and for a healthy experience modifier. Claims that are not controlled increase reserves, which negatively impact your experience modifier. Our experienced team will advocate on your behalf from beginning to end. We will also manage claim reviews and request designated adjusters, when needed.

Total Cost Analysis (TCA)

To manage a company's workers' compensation program effectively, it is important to know the true cost of the program against net income/EBITDA. Premiums are only one expense, but there are others, too: lost time, reduced productivity, replacement costs, litigation and more.

Our workers' compensation specialists are experienced in analyzing workers' compensation costs and will help you understand the impact these have on your bottom-line/unit sales.

Posting Notices and OSHA Compliance

Understanding the rules and laws that govern workers' compensation can be difficult for many employers. For this reason, we will work with you to ensure you have access to all the information and processes you need to remain compliant.

Policy Management

Understanding the best type of workers' compensation policy for your business is very important. Our qualified and certified workers' compensation specialists will guide you through this process, ensuring you choose the policy which provides you with control and financial flexibility. Our team will also negotiate on your behalf, ensuring competitive pricing and a smart match with an insurance company equipped to meet your needs.