Identify Risk, Increase Value

Our due diligence services help you identify exposure and plan for the future, ensuring a successful transaction today.

Our mergers and acquisition practice focuses on helping private equity firms and other investors within the broad, small and middle-market segment. We provide risk management and insurance-related pre-closing due diligence for prospective acquisitions, along with post-closing management of their portfolio companies' programs. This includes risk management, property and casualty insurance, executive protection coverages and employee benefits.

Our team works closely with all our clients' advisers to drive deals. We help them evaluate the current state of each target company's risk management and insurance programs. If there are unaddressed deficiencies or new opportunities to minimize risk and increase EBITDA, we identify and address them, ensuring a more successful mutual transaction.

To accomplish this goal, we focus on a number of areas within a target or portfolio company, including:

Physical Operations

We summarize the type and scope of existing risk for your target in a clear fashion that can be easily shared with all key players involved.

Indemnifications and Ability to Transfer Risk Contractually to Others

We evaluate any existing indemnity provisions in company contracts, helping you better understand the amount of liability undertaken in each transaction.

Structure of Current Insurance Policies Including Pricing

Our team of professionals provide you with an in-depth review of all lines of coverage, identifying any potential gaps or opportunities to improve plan design. Our review ensures your policy maximizes coverage and cost-efficiency.

Benchmarking to Industry Averages

An accurate view of financial security is critical, so we benchmark losses against industry averages to quantify the risk profile of the target company.

Analysis of Historical Loss Data

Our team develops extremely accurate loss projections, helping buyers understand the assets they plan to attain. Our projections reduce the risk of any surprises in valuation or liability exposure.

Safety Programs

Loss prevention measures and safety programs have great impact on potential risk, so we provide a comprehensive review and analysis of these programs' efficacy and their impact on future value.