Can You Hear Me Now?

We believe that open and clear communication is the foundation upon which every successful relationship is built. That is why we created dozens of proprietary tools, both traditional and online, that enhance the communications between us, your employers and your management team.

To effectively utilize benefits, employees must understand benefits. Our enrollment process is educational, ensuring every employee is informed and engaged. Through our wide range of materials and communication channels, we're equipped to address all your employees' questions.

Our communications commitment also extends to management. We provide continuous updates on trends and changes, and we'll make suggestions on how to minimize areas of potential risk. We are always available for consultation. We will ensure your organization's management and employees are getting the very most out of your benefits program.

  • In-house employee benefits advocacy team assisting with claims and appeals
  • Open Enrollment Meetings/Customized enrollment materials
  • Health Care Reform Education
  • Medicare Education
  • Monthly/Quarterly Employee Newsletters
  • Personalized Employee Contribution Worksheets
  • Customized Benefit Overviews
  • Provider Network Changes/Updates
  • Health Fair Planning