2024 Employee Benefits State of the Market Report

Employee benefits are among the most significant and costly investments that employers make in their people. Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimate that 30 to 40 percent of the cost of hiring an employee goes to benefits—or, put another way, “an additional 30 to 40 cents will be spent on employee benefits for every dollar spent on wages or salaries.”

Against the backdrop of economic, geopolitical, and environmental uncertainties, with many still adjusting to a COVID-era “new normal,” employers can be positive forces for their employees, anchors of stability amidst turbulent times.

As employees' needs evolve in our changing world, the pressure is on to stay on top of trends shaping the benefits landscape. A team of specialized and dedicated benefits insurance professionals is critical to staying competitive and leveraging the best options in the marketplace to meet your employees where they are.

Poms & Associates is proud to be your partner in navigating the intricate insurance world around benefit trends, challenges, and solutions, sharing our comprehensive exploration of the 2024 “State of the Benefits Market” Report.

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