freight trucks parked in a line

Confronting New Risks in a Changing Industry

For years, Poms & Associates’ experts have helped our clients in commercial trucking and transportation reduce their exposure to the industry’s many risks and liabilities. From driver shortages to crash behavior prediction, Poms has the resources and experience to recommend insurance programs that are both comprehensive and cost-effective.

As the transportation industry evolves, so do its risks. The prevalence of truck-related accidents and large insurance payouts have forced many commercial fleet insurers to exit the market entirely. For many transportation companies, this shift has meant higher prices, more limited coverage options, and fewer opportunities for good risk management.

Poms’ experts are adapting to changes in the trucking and transportation market. They bring decades of experience in loss prevention, risk management, and claims exposure, and they understand the shrinking range of insurance products and professionals available to commercial supply chain companies.

Through Poms customized risk management solutions, transportation and trucking professionals can reduce their risks, losses, and costs, even amid a period of new and unprecedented industry challenges. From lowering your operational costs to instituting new driver safety protocols, Poms has you covered. Reach out to our transportation industry services team to learn more today.

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