Controlling Costs Starts with Managing Risk

Controlling costs is important to our clients. Indirect costs from a single claim can range between 3 to 20 times greater than the direct costs associated with the claim. With a holistic approach, our experienced and highly qualified risk control consultants will evaluate your risk and safety programs, identify activities that are driving costs and claims, and work with you to develop customized solutions to control the cost of risk. With the assistance of Poms’ Risk Control Services, the sky’s the limit for realized savings. Let us show you!

Regulatory issues? Our risk control services can help

We work with regulatory compliance issues every day, and we understand that they can be daunting and overwhelming for even the most experienced business leaders. Whether you have a compliance issue with OSHA or DOT, our risk control consultants work with a variety of industries and assist clients in achieving regulatory compliance.

Minimizing Risk

Learning how to minimize risk will deliver numerous benefits to your organization. The development and implementation of an effective safety program is key to managing risk. There are many components to a safety program, and all play an integral part in the program’s overall effectiveness and ultimately, your bottom line.

This is a chart that shows how to minimize risk.

Risk management is a continuous improvement process. Beginning with an understanding of what activities are driving your losses, our Risk Control Services offer a variety of innovative strategies and tools to eliminate or reduce risk. These could include:

Risk Control Assessments and Poms Risk Organizer (PRO)

Identifying physical hazards in the work environment is the first step to reducing risk in the workplace. Poms Risk Control Consultants utilize our revolutionary risk exposure collection, distribution, and abatement system that changes the way organizations manage risk. Our consultants conduct comprehensive risk control assessments of your organization’s operations. The purpose is to identify potential physical exposures and make recommendations to correct those hazards before losses occur.

Our risk control consultants are highly-trained and experienced Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI). This specialized training enables them to identify hazards on public playground equipment and grounds, rank hazards according to injury potential, apply their knowledge to remove hazards, and to establish a system of inspections and maintenance while meeting all the current national industry standards.

The PRO Risk Control Survey and Abatement System enables Poms’ clients to browse the results of risk control assessments through an innovative on-line interface. Organizations may collect and sort risk control recommendations across multiple sites and regions. PRO compiles risk exposures into a database which is delivered to you via an on-line database.

OSHA and Health and Safety Gap Analysis

Poms Risk Control Consultants conduct comprehensive reviews of hazards and loss exposures for various types of organizations. The purpose of the GAP analysis is to compare your organization against best practices with respect to Occupational Safety and Health Management. The analysis will focus on the following:

  • Level of OSHA compliance
  • Identify the top occupational health and safety related risks to your business
  • Development of recommendations for improvements

Regulatory Program Review and Program Development

Our consultants will work with your organization to understand the various types of regulatory safety programs that are applicable to your operations. We can assist in the review, development, and implementation of all necessary programs. This might include: Injury and Illness Prevention, Lock-out/Tag-out, Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection and many other regulatory safety programs.

Safety Training

Working in collaboration with our clients, Poms Consultants will develop customized and effective training solutions on a variety of topics that can be tailored for employees or supervisors. Many of our offerings are available in virtual environments, taking full advantage of modern technologies to provide training to your organization even when in-person instruction is not possible.

Training topics include:

  • Fleet / Defensive Driving
  • Various OSHA compliance areas such as: Hazard Communication, Heat Illness, Lock-out/Tag-out, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.
  • Ergonomics
  • General Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness

Ergonomics Assessments/Training

Approximately one-third of all worker injuries are related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) such as back strains, sprains, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Preventing these injuries before they occur is the cornerstone of a safe workplace. Poms Risk Control Consultants are here to help by conducting detailed ergonomics assessments to identify the ergonomics risk factors associated with various tasks.

Whether in office or industrial settings, our consultants can conduct an ergonomics workstation evaluation or ergonomics job hazard assessment at the first sign of employee discomfort, which will have a significant impact on your loss prevention efforts.

Training employees on ergonomics risk factors and how to reduce or minimize those risks is a very important part of a comprehensive safety management system. Empowering employees with the ability to understand basic body mechanics and how they contribute to MSD injuries may reduce on the job injuries and help them to lead healthier lives.

Return-To-Work Programs And Tracking

Creating a strong and effective return-to-work program can be a successful way to manage and even reduce the costs associated with Workers’ Compensation claims.

Poms Consultants have extensive experience in proactively helping our clients to develop personalized return-to-work programs. We can provide you with the tools necessary to track and manage your employees to get them back to work as soon as is medically appropriate. This allows you to better manage the costs and impact from an employee being away from the job while also helping employees quickly recover physically and financially from any illness or injury.