In the world of public entity it’s good to have a friend

We’ve been working with public entities since our founding. We’ve experienced first hand how the pressures on public entities are huge—and growing. Our primary job is to relieve those pressures in every way we can. And we’ve been doing it successfully for years.

Since 1991, we’ve been responding to a growing need within the public sector for problem solvers willing and able to think outside the box. Whether we’re evaluating existing insurance programs or recommending a new focus for cost containment efforts, our unmatched experience, proprietary tools, and innovative risk management solutions enable our clients to stay ahead of the fast-evolving risk curve.

The best broker is also an educator

The world of risk management is more turbulent than ever. For managers faced with myriad difficult decisions, options can be overwhelming.

We empower you to better assess these options and build lasting relationships that benefit all. That’s why we’re more than insurance brokers. We’re educators.

We know that risk management begins not with underwriting, but with understanding. We base our services on a complete comprehension of your needs as a public entity while providing equal insight into our own practices. We are an independent broker with no allegiances to specific programs—only to the best interests of you, our client.

Our services can be as basic as comparing costs for existing coverage, or as involved as evaluating risk and financing for every exposure your organization faces. Whether we’re your sole resource or a complement of existing capabilities, our goal is the same. Through seminars, training sessions and other educational efforts, we want to make you independent by giving you the most powerful tool any administrator can have… knowledge.

We’ve built our business on building trust

We will never do anything to violate that. For years, we’ve worked shoulder to shoulder with our clients, proving to countless public entities that we understand their world and its very special difficulties. More importantly, we’ve proven to them that we know how to help.

We’d welcome the opportunity to prove it to you.

Unique services for unique entities

We offer a range of services designed to streamline and simplify your work to make it more efficient and effective. Here’s an example:

Risk Management technology

The ability to utilize data is critical in Risk Management. Poms has developed systems to make this process easier.

Poms Risk Organizer (PRO)

  • Compiles risk exposures in an intuitive online format
  • Analyzes and manages surveys and safety inspections
  • Ranks items by level of urgency and assign abatement to individuals or departments

Poms Risk Management Information System

  • Claims, exposure and policy data easily accessible in a single database
  • Improves efficiency with the ease of collecting data
  • Analyzes data to determine trends and prevent future losses
  • Calculates total cost of risk and allocates across organizations

Property & casualty

  • Devoted to the public sector, we understand the underlying risks that drive the need for insurance and self-insurance:
  • Property, general liability, workers’ compensation & auto insurance
  • Educators legal, law enforcement & public officials’ liability
  • Cyber liability & crime coverage
  • Construction, ocip, builders risk, course of construction
  • Alternative risk financing, loss funds, & corridor deductibles
  • Creating pools, captives, self-insured programs or joint powers
  • Third party administration (tpa) review and selection
  • Evaluation of ancillary service providers
  • Assistance with actuarial studies and property appraisals

Employee benefits & hr solutions

Our employee benefits risk management team brings a fresh perspective and creates the most effective path to solve any challenge.

  • Fully insured and self-funded employee benefits plans
  • Program design and cost analysis (including viability of trust and jpa offerings) to reduce costs and improve employee health and morale
  • Navigation through the maze of health care reform changes and requirements
  • Dedicated service team to support and educate human resources and risk management departments
  • Employee communications specially designed for employees’ needs
  • Legislative updates, compliance and trainings

Risk Control Services

Developing a comprehensive approach to risk control is critical in managing risk. Our highly qualified and experienced risk control consultants can work with your team to develop a variety of solutions to manage risk. Implementing Risk Control measures is an effective way to reduce the likelihood of a claim. Poms Risk Control Services offer a wide variety of services to help reduce the frequency and severity of claims.

  • Risk Control Evaluations
  • Safety/OSHA Gap Analysis
  • Safety committee development and participation
  • Safety training on a variety of regulatory requirements
  • Charter School Risk Management Evaluations
  • Certified Playground Safety Inspections
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management evaluations to include: Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment Training
  • Ergonomics evaluations
  • Regulatory Safety Program development and implementation
  • Unique hazard assessments
  • Financial & loss analyses
  • Claims advocacy and oversight