Keeping our Clients Up To Date

New HR and benefit technology systems seem to be popping up daily, each one boasting to be more innovative than the last. At Poms, we have taken the time to do the research for you and to help you determine if benefits technology is the best fit for your organization. If together we determine it is, we will help you select and implement these systems and ensure they are deployed correctly.

Here’s what our HR/benefits administration system will do for you

  • Online enrollment-eliminates the need for paper forms, reduces errors, and gives you access to real-time updates
  • HRIS – HR processes such as onboarding, performance reviews, and internal policy management in one system
  • Payroll integration – streamlining the new hire process by automatically transferring information from your payroll system to the benefits administration system, updating employee’s payroll records with appropriate benefit deductions, etc

Here’s how an HR/benefits technology system will help your company

We will help you decide and evaluate the following:

  • Match technology with the user
  • Weigh the financial investment against the benefits
  • Dedicate the proper time and resources to the implementation

Up to 70% of technology system implementations fail due to poor planning. Let us provide our expertise to help you cut through the complexity. As more than just your broker, we will position your organization to take full advantage of today’s technology solutions and reach your goals.