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BlogMarch 15, 2017

UAVs Assist in Car Crash Investigations

When a car accident happens, treating the drivers and passengers involved is the priority for first responders. Once they have received proper care, however, police turn their attention to the car crash scene itself, gathering evidence to help reconstruct what happened and to determine who or what was involved.

Police departments are looking into using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to take the detailed measurements and high-definition photographs that are needed to properly document car crashes. Not only are UAVs effective in quickly and accurately collecting these measurements, they are also helping police departments save time and money.

Anatomy of a Car Crash

Analyzing the remains of a car crash yields a wealth of information that affects many aspects of the investigation. First of all, the evidence collected through photographs and measurements helps the police to understand the accident itself. Witness accounts, whether from the victims or from onlookers, are often incomplete and sometimes inaccurate. Adding scientific and physical evidence into the equation helps the police to determine exactly what happened.

Some police departments are actively looking for UAVs that would be classified as “military-grade”. These high-tech UAVs use GPS and GIS (Geographic Information Services) to capture photo and video to create three-dimensional models of the crash site. A UAV can document a crash scene in as little as 20 minutes, which saves money and time. The roadway can also remain open while the machine does its work.

Legal Proceedings and Insurance Claims

Determining what really happened during a car accident is vitally important when it comes to legal proceedings. Obviously, if someone involved in the accident was at fault, the evidence collected by police and the UAVs will support that and provide what is needed to prosecute that individual. It will also prove important when accident victims file insurance claims for vehicle damage or medical injuries.

UAV-collected evidence may also be what implicates someone who has been excused of causing an accident. It may reveal a scenario that’s different from original conclusions, or may provide visual and scientific evidence that points to infrastructure or road construction being partially or completely at fault.

Accident Prevention

Preventing accidents is also a primary goal for police and crash scene investigators. The information gathered by UAVs allows investigators to reconstruct the car crash, identify risks in the area that may have caused or contributed to the accident, and correct those issues to prevent future accidents.

As police departments begin using these UAVs for car crash investigations, they also must be careful about protecting these valuable assets. A comprehensive drone insurance policy should be purchased before the UAVs take flight. Drone insurance provides coverage against physical damage to the UAV, as well as any damage that could be caused by the UAV, including the potential violation of privacy rights while flying over a crash scene and collecting evidence.

UAVs are having an enormous impact on commercial industries and civil organizations, including police departments. Police appreciate the utility and flexibility UAVS offer and are using them to do a variety of jobs, including car crash scene investigations. By documenting the scene more completely and accurately from the air, UAVs are assisting police departments with the legal and financial aspects of car crashes, as well as helping to prevent them from happening in the first place.

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