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News & Events

This section is designed to help keep our visitors informed of major events impacting the insurance industry. At Poms & Associates we are committed to respond quickly and appropriately to rapidly changing situations.


10 Ways Drones are Changing the Construction Industry

You may not know that while construction workers were erecting the Empire State Building in the early 1930s, those who were working atop the structure might have looked out and seen stylish aerial vehicles cruising across the skies. Only the machines they were watching were large dirigibles, not small technologically-advanced drones. In the 21st century, […]


Employee Benefits Liability Insurance and Why Your Business Needs It

There are several benefits that you may be offering to your employees, including healthcare plans, retirement accounts, and pension plans, even profit sharing in the company itself. Overseeing these employee benefits plans is a great responsibility, but even when you have a special person or group of people in charge, fraud and errors can occur, […]


The Basics of Employee Benefits

When you own a small business, good quality employees are one of the most important requirements for success and growth. Good employees are an asset to your company, contributing to its positive image, and, through their high-quality work, helping the company to grow and succeed, saving you time and money along the way. So, how […]


Protecting Your Business This Hurricane Season

Some accidents that happen in the workplace can be prevented. Natural disasters, however, are unpredictable. Some happen with little or no warning, while others allow ample time to prepare if you have a good plan in place. Hurricanes are among the most damaging, and businesses of every size suffer loss every year during the May […]


How Commercial Drones are Simplifying Inspections

Inspections are a necessity in certain sectors. The process of inspection, however, is often dreaded due to its cost and the time it takes. The inspection process can result in temporary production stays and traffic delays. Inspections can also be dangerous, requiring inspectors to attempt to examine a building from a great height or risky […]