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News & Events

This section is designed to help keep our visitors informed of major events impacting the insurance industry. At Poms & Associates we are committed to respond quickly and appropriately to rapidly changing situations.


How are Drones Improving Data Delivery on Construction Projects?

Commercial drone use is having a remarkable impact on many industries, from real estate and security to retail delivery and insurance assessments. The construction industry is also taking advantage of these versatile machines, using them to survey and inspect building sites, document work progress, monitor site lighting, transport materials and equipment, and collect photos and […]


Tips for Selecting a Cyber Insurance Policy

As computer technology advances rapidly, the need to protect our information and applications has never been greater. Every day, we are exposed to computer viruses, network outages, and even hackers. The effects of these threats can be seen in our lives in many ways, from inconvenient, slow internet speeds to the loss of money and […]


Drones Are Helping Scientists Uncover New Data about Dinosaurs

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being put to work in thousands of ways today, helping businesses to expand, and expanding our access to accurate information in a wide range of industries and disciplines. Scientists are also embracing these versatile machines, using them to collect large volumes of data from even the most remote location, allowing […]


Employee Benefits Packages: What You Need to Know

Business owners are always looking to attract high-quality employees. Attracting well-qualified candidates can be difficult, however, if you don’t have the right kind of “bait.” Of course, salary is a big attraction, but for most businesses of all sizes, attracting the right employees means crafting an excellent employee benefits package. Fringe Benefits Employee benefits generally […]


Developing a Fire Safety Plan for Your Workplace

Every business needs to have a fire safety plan in place. Whether your workplace is a factory, office, kitchen, or any other environment, having proper safety protocols, policies, and employee training programs in place saves lives, prevents injuries, and decreases productivity losses. The Cost of Fire Fires are usually unexpected and can result in devastating […]