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News & Events

This section is designed to help keep our visitors informed of major events impacting the insurance industry. At Poms & Associates we are committed to respond quickly and appropriately to rapidly changing situations.


Defibrillator-Equipped Drones Could Save Lives

Cardiac arrest, in which the heart suddenly stops effectively pumping blood throughout the body, is among the leading causes of death in the United States, with more than 350,000 EMS-assessed cardiac arrests occurring in the US every year. Cardiac arrest is often mistaken for a heart attack, but while a heart attack may lead to […]


How Can You Improve Your Workplace Healthcare Services?

The health and safety of your workplace can have a profound effect on employee productivity. Whether your business is small and local, or large-scale and global, the health of your workers should always be a priority. For successful companies, keeping employees healthy and safe means having a solid plan and program in place. Workplace safety […]


5 Questions About Business Insurance Answered

When you run a business, whether it be big or small, there are always risk factors that can threaten to undermine the business’ success and stability. Decreasing these risks to property and employees, and ideally preventing them, will be your primary goal, but in the event that the best preparation cannot keep your business safe […]


Vineyard Owners Are Using Commercial UAVs to Battle Climate Changes – Here’s How

Changes in weather patterns, precipitation and temperatures are having a profound effect on crops around the world. These changes in climate are being felt from the vast interior plains of the Central U.S. to the temperate coastal growing areas of the West. Vineyards are being adversely affected by the changes, and because of the time […]


Expert Interview Series: Vishnu Kadamatt of Droney Bee On Tips And Trends To How To Be The Best Drone Operator

Vishnu Kadamatt is a software professional by trade. He is enthusiastic about artificial intelligence, sUAS, RC crafts, tinkering with electronics and building DIY robots. He is also a night time philosopher, star gazer and loves physics, mathematics, economics, psychology, fantasy, Sci-Fi and futurology. He is the founder of DroneyBee. DroneyBee is a group of drone/UAV […]