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BlogMarch 22, 2017

Are Drones the New First Responders?

Drones, more formally known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), may seem more familiar as the remote-controlled backyard toys used for recreation and entertainment, but drones are versatile, hard-working machines. Forward-thinking businesses and organizations are embracing the flexibility of this technology, using it to improve their business’ reach, streamline production and expand the product distribution, and to protect and serve.

Drones are also being used to support emergency services in suburban and rural areas in the US and around the world. From assisting with search and rescue operations to delivering medical equipment and supplies, drones are making it possible to not only reach victims in remote areas faster but also to deliver critical care more quickly.

Search and Rescue

Searching for a missing individual can be difficult and time-consuming depending on the terrain and weather. Time, however, is of the essence when it comes to finding children and the elderly, disabled individuals, and even crime suspects. For many police departments and emergency management services, getting drones in the air is a life-saver. Armed with the latest sensory and photographic technologies, including night vision, drones can quickly survey and document an area, taking pictures and even recording infrared signatures to help first responders detect a lost individual more quickly.

Drones are also proving useful for finding individuals lost in the water. With the ability to fly much faster than people can swim, a drone can search for and locate survivors in lakes or larger bodies of water, even dropping flotation devices to assist victims until rescue vehicles can reach them.

Life-Saving Deliveries

Drones are also being embraced for their delivery capabilities, in this case delivering medicines, and medical supplies and equipment to areas that might otherwise be deprived of these basic life-saving measures. In remote areas around the world, important medicines are being delivered to clinics and village doctors, giving physicians and other aid workers the valuable antibiotics and vaccinations they need to save lives.

First responders in the states are starting to use drones to provide support in emergency situations such as cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is a very serious condition in which the heart rhythm is disrupted. If the heart is not restarted immediately, the body will quickly begin to shut down. Many rural victims of cardiac arrest do not survive long enough for the ambulance to arrive, let alone to receive treatment. However, with access to an AED (automated external defibrillator) the chances of survival increase dramatically. While rescue vehicles are en-route to a cardiac arrest victim’s location, a drone armed with an AED can be flown to the site, arriving as much as 20 minutes sooner and providing life-saving treatment before first responders arrive.

Insurance Protection for Your First Responder Drone

Life-saving equipment is invaluable, and protecting this equipment for future use and saving lives is vital. Insurance companies have designed drone insurance policies that offer protection for the unique situations involving drones. Drone insurance not only provides coverage in the event your drone or equipment is damaged or destroyed but it also provides coverage in case your drone is involved in an accident that damages property or injures a member of the public. Additionally, drone insurance provides coverage for issues that may arise related to violation of privacy and protection of privacy rights.

Drones are becoming more mainstream, working in the business world and with civic organizations. First responders have been quick to embrace the new technology, and drones continue to demonstrate new ways to assist emergency services, saving time, money, and most importantly, lives.

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