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BlogMarch 17, 2017

Drones Are Keeping Beaches Safer with Shark Detection Software

Sharks have prowled the oceans for millions of years as one of the most successful predatory species on Earth. For centuries, they have encountered humans with little notice. As our love for beach vacations has increased, however, and as sea temperatures change migration patterns, sharks and humans are meeting each other more and more often, sometimes with tragic results.

Though shark attacks are still a rare occurrence, coastal communities around the world are searching for new means to ensure that their beachgoers are safe and secure. Scientists are developing automated shark detection software that can quickly and easily locate sharks in the water, and they are using drones to safely monitor these endangered animals, keeping both sharks and humans safe.

Tracking the Sharks

Old models of shark migration and feeding patterns are constantly changing. The effects of altered ocean currents, water temperatures, and food supplies have sent many sharks into unfamiliar waters, sometimes very close to shore. For lifeguards protecting swimmers on popular beaches on the coasts of Australia, South Africa, and the United States, spotting sharks a safe distance away can be difficult — even impossible.

Drones armed with shark detection technology can quietly fly above coastal waters. Using intelligent detection software, drones can easily locate sharks moving in the water and help to identify target species that may present a danger to humans, such as the tiger shark or great white shark. They can also record data about the sharks’ migration patterns and habits, helping scientists and biologists to more accurately predict when sharks will be in an area, what they are doing, and how long they’ll stay. Knowing this information about sharks can help lifeguards and other coastal authorities more effectively secure and monitor the beach.

Advantages of Drones on the Beach

Besides the obvious safety advantages of using drones to detect and monitor shark activity in coastal waters, there are also environmental and financial advantages. Sharks are considered endangered species and while they can pose a threat, it’s important to keep them safe. Drones offer the ability to track from the sky, never interfering in the sharks’ activities, and eliminating the threats of noise and chemical pollution from boat use.

Financially, drones come with a high upfront cost. However, that cost is recouped over time. A drone with one operator monitoring sharks may end up costing much less in the long run than hiring additional boat crews or shark spotters to protect beaches. Using drones for this purpose also saves money for insurance companies, as the risk of injury decreases when beach safety increases.

Protecting Your Drone

Even though they are operating over ocean areas, drones can be involved in accidents that damage the machine itself or result in damage to other property or injuries to people. It is important to protect the drone from the beginning with drone insurance coverage. Drone insurance protects the drone itself against physical damage, protects the community from damage to property or injuries to people, and protects the privacy rights of those in the drone use area.

Staying safe at the beach can be difficult if sharks are frequenting the area. Rather than banning the creatures from their natural habitat — or worse, harming them — scientists and beach security teams are making use of the latest drone technology to track them and make the coastal waters safer environments for humans and sharks alike.

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