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Shoestring Budget Safety Management Tips

You may think that safety management is expensive because you’ve heard all about large conferences, team-building retreats, and high-dollar safety consultants. The truth, however, is that you can provide safety management training and a safer work environment on a budget. Below are five ways to get the job done with less expense: 1. Demonstrate and […]


Improve Safety Management With Employee Rewards Programs

Employee safety in the workplace has to be mandatory, but over time, mundane security checks can become easily ignored or even forgotten. When nothing has gone wrong, it’s human nature to tend to overlook potential hazard points, especially if there is no real incentive to pay close attention. In some cases, such actions can lead […]


Implementing Safety Management in the Retail Industry

The retail industry provides so much for the country’s economy. From jobs to products, people rely on retail establishments to drive economic growth, both locally and nationally. Unfortunately, the retail industry also comes along with risks to customer and employee health that can lead to accidents, injuries, and worse. On top of that, safety risks […]


Workplace Safety At Construction Sites

Workplace safety is incredibly important in any working environment, but in some industries, choosing the right workplace safety plan can mean the difference between life and death. In particular, construction sites are often the epicenter of workplace accidents, leaving many injured employees facing the consequences of severe pain, disability, and thousands, if not more, in […]

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Construction Project: What Kind of Business Insurance Is Needed?

Running a construction site requires a lot of things, including time, energy, manpower, patience, and a keen eye for detail. In addition, most construction sites have a multitude of workers handling different aspects of the project at once, meaning it can be easy for accidents to occur, with some resulting in injuries and property damage. […]

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Slip and Fall Risk Control

Although slips and falls are some of the most common types of accidents, they can be some of the most disastrous for business owners. Whether it’s an employee, a customer, a vendor, a visitor, or anyone else, people who slip and fall on a business’ premises can end up with severe injuries, including broken bones, […]

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Could Working with Health and Safety Consultants Save You Money?

No matter the size or sector of your business, having a health and safety management system in place to ensure a safe work environment for your employees is a prime concern. Who you hire to oversee policies and procedures, as well as accident prevention, needs to have knowledge on safety regulations, OSHA requirements, and have […]


Workplace Safety Tips to Reduce Slip and Fall Injuries

Hazards that create a potential for slip and fall injuries are some of the most common risks faced by businesses today. A slip can occur during a simple walk on a warehouse floor. A fall can occur while performing maintenance from a ladder. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 605 employees were killed and […]


Safety Management 101: What Every Small Business Needs to Know

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide a safe working environment. This is for humanitarian purposes first and foremost, but it also makes good business sense. You’ll find that you limit your liability, and therefore improve your bottom line, with fewer workplace accidents. It’s important, therefore, that you have a safety and health system […]


Are You Using Incentive Programs for Safety Management?

Do incentive programs promote better workplace safety? There is currently an ongoing debate in the business community over the effectiveness of using incentive programs for safety management. Some people say that workers need the incentive to practice workplace safety. Others say that workers should not require incentives and that they lead to larger problems, such […]