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4 Important Things to Know About Property Casualty Insurance

As a business owner, there are many types of insurance coverages that you will likely need, but one of the most important is property casualty insurance. This type of insurance provides for protection in the event of an accident that damages or destroys property. An example of this might be when an employee of your […]


3 Things You Can Do to Lower Insurance Risk Related to Slip and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the most common accidents that occur in the workplace, and unfortunately, they can also be some of the most devastating. Slipping and falling on a hard surface can lead to a traumatic brain injury, paralysis, or even death. On top of the physical cost of a fall, there […]


How to Determine the Business Insurance Needs of Independent Contractors

Self-employment is a dream that many professionals share, and in a number of ways, working as a self-employed contractor offers a variety of benefits that being an employee simply can’t match. Most contractors are able to set their own hours, choose who they work with, charge what they feel is fair for their services, and […]


3 Risk Control Considerations for Retail Stores

Retail has been, and continues to be, a driving force for the world economy. Although the online retail sites have become major players across the economic landscape, customer demand for physical retail outlets is still booming. This is due to the personal, face-to-face service physical stores provide, but it’s also due to the ability to […]


Top Business Liability Insurance Gaps to Avoid

While it’s great that your company carries business insurance, are you sure that there aren’t gaps that you’re missing? Sadly, many business owners find out the unfortunate answer to that question each year after disaster strikes. Anything from a fire to an injured employee may be enough to close your company down for good if […]


5 Things You Can Do to Lower the Cost of Business Insurance

Running a business comes with many risks, including the potential for customer or employee injuries. Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or you’re joining a business as an executive, you need to pay particular attention to safety concerns. Failing to do so may end up costing you dearly. Thankfully, there are a number of […]

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Monica Minkel Speaks With ThinkAdvisor on Crowdfunding Risks

As more companies become familiar with crowdfunding sites and the adoption of Regulation A+, it’s imperative to understand the new risks that expose companies. In the ThinkAdvisor article, “Disgruntled Investors Are a Big Crowdfunding Risk,” Senior Vice President Monica Minkel explains how Regulation A+ allows private firms to raise money similar to how a large […]

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Lower Your Stress Level With Business Insurance and Risk Control

Running any type of business can be a stressful event, even if the business is successful. Meeting deadlines and customer expectations can contribute to this stress, but meeting payroll and employee expectations can certainly bring about stress as well. The truth is, however, that any number of things can go wrong at almost any time, […]


Interested in Bundled Services? Insurance Brokers Can Help

Business insurance is often purchased as individual products, but bundling can help you save on costs and provide other advantages. Unfortunately, too few business owners realize this, leading to wasted revenue. The good news however, is that bundling business insurance products may be easier than you think. Below are a few considerations if you’re currently […]


Food Trucks and Business Insurance

Food trucks are quickly becoming the go-to option for both hungry city dwellers and rural residents in small towns, and if you’ve always wanted to start your own restaurant, but you didn’t want to invest in real estate, now may be your time to start your own business. Running a food truck gives you the […]